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In early May 2019, US publisher, Beacon Publish Group agreed to publish my biography of “Pirate” Bill Johnston. (I don’t have a release date yet.) Johnston played a large roll in the Patriot War.

The working title is:

Chieftain of the Thousand Islands
The Life and Legend of Bill Johnston

A publisher in South Carolina that specializes in regional history, History Press/Arcadia, published two of my books on the Patriot War.

The first book in 2012, The Patriot War Along the New York-Canada Border, concentrated on raids and rebels along the St. Lawrence River and around Lake Ontario. The second book in 2013, The Patriot War Along the Michigan-Canada Border, told the story of the war along the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie.

William Stratton said...

I have just begun to read the first book, "The Patriot War Along the New York-Canada Border," and am enjoying it. I picked it up when I discovered some information about my great grandfather, Francis Joel Stratton, a very interesting character in his own right, who was a constable in Rochester, NY, about 1840 to 1843, a deputy US Marshall for the NO. District of NY, 1843 to 1847, and later a physician who died in 1863 in WA DC while working for William Seward.

The information indicated he went to Buffalo in 1837 and was somehow involved with "freebooters."

I know you time is valuable but I am curious whether you may have come across his name during your research?

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