About Raiders and Rebels

Raiders and Rebels focuses on a narrow band of the historical spectrum: 19th-century raiders and rebels (and one pirate) operating along the Canadian-United States border. Why?

Because the so-called "longest undefended border" needed significant defending in that century. Excluding the one official war, 1812-1815, armed forces under various names—Patriots, Hunters, Fenians—made war numerous times, principally along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. Another reason—my first novel and its potential sequels occur in this time period and region.

Hundreds of interesting people participated in dozens of events of significance. Some were heroes and others bums. Driven by politics, and sometimes economics, law-abiding people turned into rebels, raiders, and pirates. Why did they choose the lawless path and how did it affect the people close to them? That's what this blog is about.

Raiders and Rebels covers the dramatic events—raids, battles, narrow escapes, trials, executions, politics and more—but also describes the main participants. Historical events provide context, but people are the story. Lives lived trumps dates and statistics. Too often history resembles a vase of dried flowers—nice, but no vitality.

Initially, this blog will focus on the Patriot War. In time, the posts will cover other events.

Raiders and Rebels welcomes contributions from historians (amateur and pro) and genealogists. Contact at smclaugh(at)storm(dot)ca.

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